Lifetime Health pharmacies offer a full range of prescription & over-the-counter medications at competitive prices!

Personalized Service and Convenience

Rx w Pt c4c webOur experienced pharmacists take the time to talk with you and answer your questions. Our specialized computer system verifies and reviews your medications to enhance your safety.

  • Your prescriptions are ready in minutes — no need to wait in long lines
  • Have a prescription you want transferred? We’ll be happy to do it for you
  • All major insurances accepted

Flu and Other Vaccines

Did you know you can get your flu shot, along with other vaccines at the Lifetime Health Pharmacies? Flu shots are available seasonally (they are currently stocked), for patients ages 18 and up. Our pharmacies can also give shingles, meningitis, pneumonia and tetanus vaccines. Talk to your Lifetime Health doctor about what vaccines you may need and the best way to get them.

Free Mail Delivery

We’ll mail* your prescriptions to you — free of charge! In most cases, we will mail your prescription within 24 hours. Call 585.338.4970 in Rochester to set up free mail service for your medications today!

We send prescriptions by the U.S. Postal Service first class mail, or by certified mail if the total cost of the prescriptions being mailed is more than $300. Controlled substances cannot be mailed, but we can deliver them by courier service for a small fee.

*Lifetime Health Pharmacies are licensed in the state of New York. We will ship prescription products within New York State and any state that does not require out of state licensure.

Refills 24/7 by Phone

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Phone refills are fully automated for convenience and time-savings. Simply call the pharmacy at which you'd like to fill your prescription. You will need the Rx number available for each of your prescriptions. The Rx number can be found on the label of your prescription bottle (see image to right for highlighted Rx number). The prescription must have a valid refill.

Online Renewal Requests

Request a renewal of your maintenance medication through the MyLifetimeHealth Patient Portal.

Delivery Service

We will be happy to have your prescriptions delivered by courier service for a small fee. 

Simplify My Meds

Ideal for patients who take multiple medications, this free program coordinates your refills so all prescriptions are filled on the same day. This saves you time and trips to the pharmacy, and anyone who has their prescriptions filled at a Lifetime Health Pharmacy can use it!

Prescription Club

Don't have prescription drug coverage? Don't worry. Join our Prescription Club* to save on more than 5,000 brand name and generic prescriptions! Get more than 300 commonly used generic medications at $4 for 30 day supply, or $10 for 90 day supply. Enroll at any of the Lifetime Health Medical Group pharmacies. For just $10 a year, your whole family can save! View the list of discounted medications.
*State or federally funded prescription plan coverage are not eligible for membership in the Prescription Club.

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For your safety and convenience, we use electronic prescribing.

Pharmacy Practices