Become A Patient

At Lifetime Health, our medical staff work together in health care teams.

Each of our practices has several teams, made up of people working together daily to provide your care.
Members of your health care team include:


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Your Primary Care Provider

Your primary care provider has a lead role on your health care team, and works with you to achieve your best possible health. Our doctors, nurse practitioners and physician assistants  are there to discuss any questions or concerns you may have, and help you decide on the best care plan for you. They collaborate with each other on your care, so no matter who your appointment is with, everyone is kept up to date on what's happening with you.


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Registered Nurses

Your RN supports your care whether on the phone and in person. They can provide consultations, information and education about various health conditions, and see you in the office for things like blood pressure checks, vaccinations, and medication administration. RNs work closely with your primary care provider at all times.


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Licensed Practical Nurses and Medical Assistants

The LPN or MA will gather information about your current health when you come in for an exam. They get you settled in the exam room, take vital signs and measurements like height and weight, and ask you about the reason for your visit. They help prepare your primary care provider with your most current information, and also help get any needed paperwork completed.


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Care Managers

A team of nurses, social workers, and other professionals who help you manage chronic conditions like diabetes or hypertension, help make sure you're scheduling necessary follow-up appointments, and connect you to resources so you can get the care you need.


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Your Lifetime Health Pharmacist

In addition to filling your prescriptions and counseling you on medications, when you have a Lifetime Health pharmacist, they have direct communication with your doctor and the rest of your health care team, so you get a quicker, more seamless experience as a result.


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Patient Service Representatives

The patient service representatives are the staff at the desk who help check you in or out, make sure your information on file is current, and schedule appointments for you.


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Patient Account Representatives

The patient account representatives are here to help you understand your bill, answer questions you may have about your account, and establish payment arrangements.


Medical Specialist

Medical Specialists

Your health care team will work with other medical specialists whether located onsite at the Lifetime Health practices or in the community.


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All the members of your Lifetime health care team have one focus, YOU. You are the center of the team, and the most important member. We are partners in your care, and are here to support your best health. If you are new to Lifetime Health, or if you have not taken a look at them, please review your Rights & Responsibilities as our patient


In addition to providing you with a group of skilled professionals to help you be as healthy as possible, health care teams are also an important part of the Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) standards of care. Read more about PCMH here.