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Frequently Asked Questions About Urgent Care

When should I go to Urgent Care instead of the Emergency Room?

Urgent Care by Lifetime Health provides you and your family with an alternative to the emergency room for treatment of illnesses  or injuries that are urgent but not life threatening – without the wait or expense that can come with an emergency room visit. You can walk in at your convenience.

How long is the typical waiting time?

Most of our patients are treated in one hour or less. 

What types of conditions can be treated at Urgent Care by Lifetime Health?

Urgent Care by Lifetime Health can treat:

  • cuts and sprains
  • minor lacerations
  • flu
  • earaches
  • sore throats and fevers
  • minor burns and much more

What insurances are accepted?

Urgent Care by Lifetime Health accepts all major insurance plans, Medicare and Medicaid. For more information, visit our Insurance section.

Who will treat my injury or illness at Urgent Care?

Urgent Care by Lifetime Health is staffed by board-certified or board-eligible physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and experienced nurses.

Do I need to make an appointment or do you accept walk-ins?

Urgent Care by Lifetime Health follows the industry standard of walk-ins only. No need to make an appointment.

Is Urgent Care open on holidays?

Yes, Urgent Care is open seven days a week, with holiday hours at at least one location, for every holiday except Christmas.

Are the Urgent Care centers open to everyone or do you need to be a patient of Lifetime Health Medical Group?

Urgent Care by Lifetime Health is open to everyone; you do not need to be a primary care patient with Lifetime Health.

Will my primary care physician know that I was at Urgent Care?

Yes, Urgent Care by Lifetime Health supports your primary care physician in caring for your medical needs. Following your visit, we send a report of your visit to your physician.